Meet Dr. Carolyn Langrell-Read

After graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Otago University in 1992, Carolyn gained valuable clinical experience in practices in both Queenstown and Auckland. In 1995 she established a practice in Mount Eden, Auckland, followed by Newmarket Family Dental Care in April 2013.

Carolyn has always been passionate about continuing her dental education and furthering her knowledge in health and well-being. She enjoys travelling when she can, in order to gain both local and international knowledge, techniques and skills to further her expertise and to keep her at the forefront of her industry.

In 1999 she returned to Otago University to begin studying towards her Post-Graduate Diploma in Periodontal disease. She was awarded the diploma with distinction for her performance, and for the following 14 years she continued to work on her clinical skills in minimal intervention dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, crown and bridge work, implant dentistry, root canal treatment and techniques for paediatric dentistry. Currently she is studying Longevity Health Education and Preventative Healthcare.

Carolyn is a member of the New Zealand Dental Association, Auckland Dental Association, New Zealand Association for Minimal Intervention Dentistry, New Zealand Endodontic Society and New Zealand Periodontic Society.

Naseem Khan

Your Nurse

Naseem has over 15 years experience in the dental industry and is a fully qualified dental assistant. She has been a member of Newmarket Family Dental Care since it’s inception in April 2013.

Having previously worked for a Periodontist as a Periodontal Nurse where she assisted with gum treatments and implant surgeries, Naseem is a very competent and caring assistant. She has the ability to make patients feel at ease during their treatments at Newmarket Family Dental Care.

Dr. Rebecca De Souza MBChB

Your Anaesthetist

Rebecca completed her initial medical degree (MBChB) at Otago University and all of her Anaesthetic training in various Auckland hospitals. Rebecca worked at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England for a year after completing her training in 2004. Upon her return Rebecca worked as a Specialist Anaesthetist at both Auckland City and Middlemore Hospitals.

Rebecca is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Department of Anaesthesiology at Auckland University and has an interest in Patient Safety, Day Stay Anaesthesia and Local Anaesthetics.

For more information on the services Rebecca provides please visit our Sedation page.


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Patient feedback

  • I avoided going to the dentist for more than 8 years after a traumatic experience getting a wisdom tooth out and was reluctant to go back to a dentist, but was then recommended Carolyn. Carolyn has communicated well with me, has always been gentle, caring, and also advised me to stagger the appointments I had when I first needed lots of work done to make it more affordable and comfortable for me. She is dedicated to her work and always makes me feel cared for and that I am active participant in the process. I would absolutely recommend Carolyn.
    Katherine Bussey
  • Carolyn and her team provide an outstanding dental service. Carolyn seems very up to date with best practice and new research in dentistry and dental health. She seems very thorough and precise, and determined to deliver a quality outcome that fits a patient’s needs and preferences. I was particularly impressed with Carolyn’s attention to detail in finding a way of making a large filing replacement work in a tooth that was in a difficult location with uncertain strength in its remaining enamel walls. Carolyn crafted the replacement to fit extremely well in a manner that seems to have maintained the required strength. I was also impressed with her attention to detail and current best practice in oral health, particularly the relationship between diet (high fruit intake) and dental hygiene.
    Tony Baldwin
  • Due to an allergic reaction to a local anaesthetic earlier this year, I visited the Anesthetic Allergy Clinic at Auckland hospital on Tuesday 11 December. I was first seen by Peter Cooke, a specialist anesthetist. After going through the various note he had received from my and from Dr Carolyn Read, my general dentist he made special mention of the letter she had provided to support my allergy Investigation. He receives many letter from dentists, but the one from Carolyn soot out for its attention to detail and the information it contained. The notes that were included were very helpful in isolating the local anaesthetic I am allergic to. Mr Cooke made special mention more than once about how impressed he was with the notes provided. Thank you Carolyn, for your help in identifying my allergy.
    Helen Eastabrook
  • I have been looked after in my oral health for some years now by Carolyn and her team. They have always treated me in a professional manner being always alert to my other health needs. I have a medical condition of high blood pressure and this is always a consideration during treatment that I am calm and relaxed. I am of the generation that did not have the protection of fluoride in our water supply so my teeth have always been an ongoing problem. I have had crown work done recently and I am very pleased with the results. The costs have been in line with the time it has taken and the skill level involved.
    Maria Piggin